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When All You Need is Just a Little Help -

Our friendly, well-trained staff will provide you with the highest quality and most personally-customized service.
We developed a unique system of transporting your flat screen TV, antique china, artwork
and other valuable belongings. Our professional and uniformed staff will arrive in one of our environmentally friendly vehicles that will ensure a smooth transportation with no unexpected vibrations during the ride.

One Item Move is only one of the many ways we can help you.

One Item Move provides flexible end-to-end solutions ALL in one company. We can assist you
with your small or large installation projects by ensuring the best possible service at an affordable cost.
Some of our specialized services are large object installations, TVs, mirrors, pictures,
any light fixture and high ceiling chandelier installation.

Our unparalleled service, competitive prices and overall value is simply why our loyal customers
won't go anywhere else.

We look forward to serving you as well!
Call and Meet Your New Best Friend Today! @ 1-323-843-4799


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One Item Move
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