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Save when you use One Item Move to assist you with your smaller more customized needs.No items too large or too small, make One Item Move your first call.
TV Crate and Transport Specialist
A T.V. isn’t just a T.V. anymore, it’s a high quality piece of technology that demands a high quality
customized moving company that’ll crate and transport it at a competitive price.
TV Installation Pro
TV Installation by One Item Move professional installers assesses your flat screen
TV installation and surrounds sound system with the equipment you provide
Assembly Specialist
Whether it’s assembling furniture at your home or putting cubicles together at your office,
One Item Move, doesn’t just move, it puts things together so you don‘t have to.
Chandelier Installation
We hire the best installers specialize in High ceiling installation
Picture Hanging
When you need help hanging valuable artwork, heavy mirror, painting...
Fine Art Delivery
Don’t jeopardize your piece’s fragile history by letting an over sized moving truck move
your prized item rather let One Item Move’s smaller vehicle ensure its transport into its future.
Hoisting Services
An over sized item has its own limitations and so does your door frame but with One Item Move’s hoisting service, your item goes through a window with secured belts leaving the last thing to leave your door frame, you.
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Furniture Assembly
Art Hanging
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